It gives a permanent hair color that 'll love

This hair dye makes it easy to extend the life of color. The roots touch up takes only 10 minutes to apply to grown-out roots and lasts up to three weeks. The dye is specially formulated and designed to seamlessly blend in with any shade, even on salon colored hair. Blends with leading shades and pre-formulated salon shades.

ColorMag Hair dye provides with colors that match leading shades of dark brown, blonde and red. The professional brush provided makes even application easy and fast- concealing roots or gray hairs in minutes, with coverage that last up to 3 weeks.

It's only human to want perfect hair - 're one step closer with this permanent color that mixes in seamlessly no matter what leading shade use. Touch up roots and hide those gray hairs in minutes with the included application brush tool for easy application.

The magic of ColorMag hair dye is in helping satisfy desire for hair color that is perfect, easy and looks natural. Our products won't leave revealing or fake tones, just 100% gray coverage that leaves looking naturally beautiful.

ColorMag carries superior hair color products from permanent hair color kits and tools, highlights and root touch ups that mix with colors applied by salon colorist, gray hair coverage, to hair gloss to keep hair looking natural and radiant.

Features and benefits

This great and gentle hair dye gives superior, natural-looking color. It will give hair a natural look that won't even falter in the sunlight, concealing secret. Touch up roots, try a new hair color, or add highlights. It's up to .

Touch up in 10 minutes

In just 10 minutes, you could have flawless roots that blend with your overall color and not fade for up to three weeks.

The most shade choices

Don't worry, the hair dye seamlessly blends with leading shades, even salon color-guaranteed. Works on natural and dyed hair.

Blend away roots and grays

The professional application brush provided allows an easily controlled application of the root creme. No mess, no fuss.


About our product

  1. 100% gray hair coverage

  2. Refresh roots quickly

  3. Natural colors, every shade

  4. Works on natural and dyed hair

  5. Comes with a professional application brush

Price: € 32

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